An image featuring a portrait of Buñuel, representing the podcast episode titled 'Buñuel's Surrealism.'
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How to Contribute


With a monthly subscription, you not only make the production of the podcast possible but also gain access to exclusive materials such as synchronized transcripts, interactive exercises, and more.


You can contribute via Paypal any amount you think the podcast is worth to you. I’m grateful for anything you can do.


If you want to purchase official Culture in Spanish merchandise, you can explore the store. New designs based on different episodes are added regularly.


Another way to support the podcast is by subscribing to it on your favorite platform. Additionally, you can create a free account here and share your ideas for future episodes.


Hello there. I’m Pablo

Every other week, I delve into a cultural landmark in intermediate Spanish. The idea is to offer interesting content that makes improving your Spanish feel effortless. The podcast itself isn’t a language lesson, though; instead, it focuses entirely on the subject discussed. However, as a contributing member, you’ll gain access to a variety of supplementary materials, including interactive exercises, synchronized transcripts, and more.

Your support is essential for producing the podcast and developing its complementary resources, both of which require full-time dedication. Thank you for anything you can do!

PS: Those who wish to access the materials but are unable to contribute financially are welcome to reach out to me.

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